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A company that leads change through challenge and innovation through continuous technology development.

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SYSDYNE is a company focused on the development and research of next-generation RF measurement solutions and new technologies in radio wave such as EMF measurement, RF monitoring and signal intelligence.
We pursues providing advanced analysis solutions for EMF and SIGINT with various experiences of test and measurement area.
SYSDYNE representatively deliver customized system and advanced new technologies for EMF area scanner, monitoring and signal detect, monitoring and Geo-location with SWaP.
Our Brand RFaz solution has provided for many Military and government customers for EMF and SIGINT area with valuable advantages and benefits.
In addition, we have been steadily growing in cooperation with leading domestic and overseas institutions, and we are also committed to exploring overseas markets and provide better solutions and services.

I promise that I will do my best to be a true company that can provide the value that the customer needs most in the future.

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Corporate History

SYSDYNE’s challenges and innovations continue.

•  Completed the project of Non-licensure measurement systems for Korea Radio Promotion Association
•  Completed the project of RFaz Roofbox systems for Korea Communication Agency

•  Certification of INNO-BIZ
•  Partner contract with PCTEL for BTS quality and coverage using drive test

•  Certified the first authorized Technical service center of CRFS
•  Completed the project of customized RFaz Scanner system for Korea Communication Agency

•  Completed the project of RFaz EMF(BMON) systems for Korea Communication Agency
•  Agent contract with Signal Hound for USB spectrum analyzer market

•  ISO9001 / ISO14001 authentication
•  Complete the project of distributed signal monitoring and Geo-location systems for military
•  Complete the system of signal detection for TSCM market

•  Government R&D project for Broadband and selective EMF monitoring core technologies development
•  Founded the company R&D center
•  Development smartphone hardware for 3.5”, 4”, 5”and 2.8” qwerty type

•  Export EMF measurement system to India market
•  Venture company authentication
•  Agent contract with CRFS for SIGINT market
•  Co-work with Energy-IT center in university
•  Provided EMF measurement systems to Korea Communication Agency
•  EMF monitoring research project for Korea Communication Agency
•  SYSDYNE Co., Ltd. Founded
•  Exclusive contract with Italy Calzavara for the EMF products


SYSDYNE is developing new technology with research and development.

•  EMF monitoring device and its method (Patent No. 10-128171)
•  Broadband EMF monitoring device and its method (Patent No. 10-1378537)
•  Narrowband EMF monitoring device (Patent No. 10-1451268)
•  Electric field probe calibration system and its system of the module using the calibration method (Patent No. 10-1549845)
•  Many other patents pending

•  Certificate of Venture company (No. 20150113536)
•  Certificate for R&D Center (No. 2012110055)
•  Certificate for High-Tech Product (No. 2015-9)
•  Certificate for ISO 9001: 2008 (JK-16689)
•  Certificate for ISO 14001: 2004 (JEK-22360)

•  Certificate of INNO-BIZ (No. 160103-00285)
•  Electronic Times 2016 popular product certification (RF measurement solution – RFaz Platform)

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SK V1 Center W702-703, 11, Dangsan-ro 41-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07217, Korea
TEL: +82-70-7018-6655 FAX: +82-2-2636-7658
Email: info@sysdyne.co.kr | Web-site: sysdyne.co.kr

• How to get to SYSDYNE

Take subway Line 2, Line 9, Dangsan Station Exit No. 11, and go straight 350m. Or exit Line 2, Line 5, Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station 3 and go straight 500m (Across Seoul Dangseo Elementary School)