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RFaz Secure

RFaz Secure is automatically sent to the server and operating system RF analysis device collects the radio signals of 30 MHz ~ 6 GHz bandwidth in real time, automatically or manually.
RFaz Secure monitors the collection point by RF the signal pattern and operation status, etc., collected automatically classified and stored as data types, equipment installation site-specific frequency interference if detected and applied frequency unauthorized occupation, including suspected analyzes the unlicensed frequency use status radio signals through the orientation detection and tracking in the event keeps track of the signal source.
RFaz Secure consists CRFS’s ARRAY300, voice-only nodes(800 MHz omni-directional antenna, 10 MHz omni-directional antenna) 5 GHz WLAN bridge, Wattson-Watt for signal conditioners, Ethernet surge protector, PoNE(Power Of Ethernet) and RFaz SECURE-M(Digital RF operational analysis program).

•  Collect range: 30 MHz ~ 6 GHz
•  Scan speed: Omni 40 GHz/s , AOA 10 GHz/s
•  Detection Sensitivity: -120 dBm
•  Real-time analysis bandwidth: 20 MHz
•  Equivalent resolution bandwidth: 20 KHz min(Max B/W, 18 Hz Min)
•  Nominal input impedance: 50 Ω
•  Signal detection: analog digital
•  Operating temperature: -28 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
•  Environmental protection: RFeye Node & electronics IP67 System IP65
•  Direction Finding ways: AOA, TDOA
•  DF frequency range: 30 MHz ~ 6 GHz
•  DF accuracy: 5º RMS typical
•  Polarization: Circular
•  Equivalent resolution: More than 4 channel

RFaz Secure-M Software


Spectrum management and operations, situational awareness and counter-measures for wireless threats